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Matchinations is America's premiere Virtual Dating Service. It's InterActive
Video, so you can See and Talk Live with someone that you have selected from our Matchinations Profile Database.

Matchinations is a National Database of Singles. You can select people to
date right from your local area, using our "Local Dating Locator" feature.

Our InterActive Video Selection Process enables you to select a compatible friend from our comprehensive personal profiling
data system.

With minimal entry, you can be presented with hundreds of selections in your area. Just select by
Zip Code, as well as age range and you'll receive profiled results from our basic
"Quick Search". It only requires a click on the displayed photos or videos to be connected for
Live InterActive Video Conversation.

An E-Z Registration with a Detailed Profile invites hundreds of compatibly matched selections to click on your profile site and instantly you're connected Live in Two Way Interactive Streaming Video where you See & Talk with Prospective Dates in Real Time! A quick connect to their profile simplifies everything as you can not only See & Talk Live but Simultaneously browse their profile to check them out. Wow!

You can narrow the Selection Process by using our "Matchinations"
Database to conduct an advanced search.

The more selective you are in detailing requirements, the more perfect are the results. Matchinations doesn't return 100% cloned results to your entries. Most people
don't want the searched profiles to exactly match their
own, however, they do want basic
compatible interests.

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Don't meet with anyone before you See & Talk Live in "2 Way" Live Streaming InterActive Video.

    Confirm they match their profile picture. Always bring a friend
      when meeting.

Beta Registration - Matchinations is new and we're now accepting new member registrations.

When you register, we will provide you with Free Video Communication, so you can immediately call anyone at anytime, anywhere in the world with no long distance, local or monthly charges! Includes Video/Voice Mail and Text with full collaboration features..

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